Interested In Becoming a Brother?

What We're Looking For

We are looking for individuals with a strong drive to see themselves and those around them continually improve. That includes a strong sense of individual leadership, morals, and willpower to do good.

We are also seeking future brothers who are looking to develop leadership skills and be part of something that they can make their own. As a chapter that was
re-founded on the basis of brotherhood, we hope to see that passed on through future members for years to come.

Why Us?

As a relatively small fraternity on campus, we have many opportunities for various leadership roles. That includes positions on our executive board, judicial board, and committees.

We also offer scholarships and merits based on academic performance and chapter recruitment. To aid in your academics, we offer support from brothers who have previously taken the same classes, as well as personal and professional advice from our alumni.

And of course, as with any small organization, we offer the opportunity to create something for yourself. You will, as a brother, have the power and independence to shape the fraternity into something that you can call home.

Recruitment Policies

The most important thing for you to know is that you are not a "pledge," you are an Associate Member. That means you will be greeted as a friend and a brother. You will not be treated as an outsider for any reason. 

We do not haze. At all. That means exactly what it sounds like; you will never be hazed, embarrasse, mistreated, forced to do pointless tasks, or treated in any way other than as a member of our fraternity.

No alcohol. That means no alcohol is consumed by brothers, and no alcohol is given to associate members, at any time during the associate member process.

About the Process

Once you have registered for rush with Purdue, you can show interest in the Theta Xi fraternity. If you decide to pursue Theta Xi as your fraternity of choice, you will become an Associate Member (AM), a status that will earn you the same treatment and respect as any initiated brother. The main difference between AM and initiated brothers is an AM does not have knowledge of the Ritual of Theta Xi, nor can he vote at chapter meetings.

From there, you will begin your Membership Education. It is important that every brother be familiar with our roots, to understand where we came from and who are at our core.

Once you have successfully complete the education process, may be initiated to become a full-fledged brother. That involves full access to chapter resources, knowledge of the Ritual of Theta Xi, and voting rights at chapter meetings.

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